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Summer 2020 Fees:

Total Club Fee for summer 2020 will be between $700-$900.  The final cost will be determined when all tournaments are set. FEES INCLUDE:

  • Uniform: (Sublimated reversible jersey and game shorts, sport performance t-shirt)
  • 6-7 practices
  • Entry Fees to 3 nationally recognized tournaments
  • Each team has a dedicated head coach and assistant coach
  • Insurance

Travel expenses are the responsibility of the individuals.

You may NOT prorate the fee because you anticipate a conflict with a specific tournament.


Many club programs charge in the range of $1500 - $2000 per player for their summer lacrosse teams. Our program will cost significantly less and will only serve the boys from Scotch Plains Fanwood.


  • SPF boys will be playing with the same teammates year round (helps to build camaraderie and team chemistry)
  • Summer practices will be done in town or very close – Limit travel time
  • Coaches have a vested interest in your boys, not just collecting a check
  • It will cost a lot less - $800 per player (most clubs average between $1500-$2000)