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Click on one of the programs listed below and login your using email and password.

Adult Membership - Before registering your child, you must first set up an adult membership with the SPF Futures.  Then you may proceed to register your child.

·       First time?  Enter your email for a username and leave the password blank and hit submit.  The system will generate a password and email it to you.  Check your inbox for the password in order to login and continue.

·       Don't remember your password?  Try entering any of the emails you normally use and leave the password blank.  The system will email your password to you.

1.     Under your family account, you may manage multiple children and continue registering additional members of your family by choosing additional programs.

2.     Complete all required information especially address and zip code as these programs are restricted to residents of Cranford.

3.     Print the confirmation page.  This is important and can help in investigating issues should they arise. This is your receipt.

US Lacrosse - Prior to registering with SPF Futures you will be directed to the US Lacrosse website to renew or establish a membership.